Lancôme Is Launching A Liquid Lipstick — But Not The Kind You Think

Lancôme struck the ultimate nostalgia chord when it introduced Juicy Shakers to its lineup last spring. The lava-lamp format and shake-to-blend oil formula were new, but the “juicy” connotations? Not so much. Last time we’d heard the term used in the context of beauty, the product came in a tube — pocket-sized, squeezable, and tucked into the jeans waistband of every self-respecting middle-school makeup lover. The brand was trying to make the grown-up Juicy Tube happen, and it worked. We bought it, we wore it, we loved it. But the Matte Shaker, which hits stores and the Lancôme website in May, is a new breed in and of itself. You’ll recognize the packaging, but this iteration takes moisturizing Vitamin E and blends it with liquid pigments 10 times thinner than your average lipstick. Only it's a lot more fun to use. The new shaker will come in seven shades, including the true red, Red’Y In 5, and the nude rose, Beige Vintage. Each one is weightless, long-wearing, fast-drying, and leaves lips feeling soft and comfortable yet drenched in matte color. They’re not sheer, they’re not juicy — they’re the real deal for anyone who likes their lipstick to look like, well, lipstick. All you have to do is shake and swipe.