This Is Why You Might See People Wearing Purple Nail Polish For The Next 3 Months

The first step toward social change is raising awareness: identifying the problem, calling attention to it, and making it impossible to ignore. Visual reminders can play an important role in getting the message out there — a swipe of pink lipstick in October for breast cancer, or bright red for World AIDS Day on December 1st.
For the next three months, the non-profit organization Safe Horizon is urging everyone to paint their left ring fingernails purple to show support for victims of domestic violence as part of its #PutTheNailInIt social-media campaign. According to statistics listed on the website for the initiative, one in four women and one in seven men will experience domestic violence — but 67% of Americans have never discussed the issue with their friends.
You can’t fix an epidemic without talking about it, which is why Safe Horizon has tapped a number of recognizable celebrities and influencers to join in to help spread the word: Journalist and TV host Tamron Hall, actress Kyra Sedgwick, country singer Jana Kramer, Carrie Underwood, and more have all vowed their support in helping to put an end to domestic violence.
Partaking in the #PutTheNailInIt campaign is a great way to encourage more people to get involved in the cause, but it's crucial to acknowledge that symbolically showing your support isn’t the same as taking real action. What’s even more important than painting a nail is starting the conversation with your friends and loved ones, volunteering, attending and hosting fundraising events, and donating to survivors of domestic abuse and the organizations that help them. That's how you actually make a difference — because unfortunately, you won't find real change at the bottom of a bottle of Essie Flowerista.

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