Solange Just Got Really Real About Her Skin Issues On Instagram — & People Are Loving It

No disrespect to Beyoncé (that would be considered a cardinal sin), but Solange is definitely the more relatable of the Knowles sisters. Sure, Queen Bey will throw her rabid fans a bone from time to time with a makeup-free selfie or a deeply visceral album that addresses her and Jay Z’s marital strife in no uncertain terms, but it’s Solange who seems like a normal, approachable person and not a level above the rest of the human race. She retweets memes of herself, geeks out over Missy Elliott, and publicly shares poignant letters to her teenage self. Apparently, she also occasionally breaks out in hives.

my favorite (and most true to myself) selfie ??? lol

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The star posted a close-up shot to Instagram yesterday that showed her sitting in a car looking distressed, with her face covered in a red, angry-looking rash. “My favorite (and most true to myself) selfie,” she captioned the photo.
Solange’s realness was not lost on her followers, who jumped in to praise her authenticity as well as assure her she was not alone in her skin struggle. “That’s exactly what I look like after shrimp,” one wrote. Perhaps the candid photo was an early contribution to Throwback Thursday: A few astute commenters pointed out that the picture was taken on her wedding day back in 2014, when she broke out in hives after the reception.
Hives are frequently caused by an allergic reaction to food or fragrance, or even due to bouts of stress, but Solange explained to a concerned fan on Twitter at the time, “Got em from turning up x100 during our second line.I was hot,wearing a cape,& happy as hell:)” Nothing a couple Benadryl couldn't cure — and a little bit of self-deprecating humor always helps, too.
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