Jennifer Lawrence Does Sensory Deprivation — & The Experience Was Very J Lawr

Sensory deprivation tanks are nothing new in the beauty world. Spas, wellness centers, and very wealthy celebrity homes may include the treatment tanks for many reasons. The flotation service can have added skin-care benefits, like treating psoriasis and eczema, and even reducing inflammation. But mainly, the effective, albeit bizarre, service is for some top-notch meditation. (We all recall how powerful the tank was for Eleven in Stranger Things, no?)
In other words, it's fancy, unnecessary, and just the kind of thing Hollywood stars gravitate towards. So, it only makes sense the latest star to air her appreciation for the mindful experience is Jennifer Lawrence. Except, well, not at all. Lawrence is supposed to be a "regular person" (as Ariana Grande said), a real human being, just your average woman living in the limelight who prefers sweatpants and Netflix over clubs and red carpets, right? Sure, the mother! star's normality is alarming compared to fellow actors and we dig that Lawrence tends to keep it real (see: this interview.)
But like most of the rich and famous, Lawrence has had to spend more nights at the Academy Awards than you'll most likely ever in your life. It's the rich and famous part that will somehow keep her a world away from truly being normal. And her latest interview proves the point.
For the upcoming issue of Vogue, Lawrence took a go at the trendy flotation therapy in New York's Lift. The hour-long treatment was "lovely" according to Lawrence, as she spent a healthy portion of her day laying in a tank loaded with salt water listening to soothing music. But as most J Lawr interviews go, the experience went somewhat awry. Jason Gay of Vogue reports, "Lawrence says her tank experience was mostly positive until the end, when she realized she’d spun herself around and couldn’t find the hatch opening, and had a brief moment of panic until she located it and got out."
The only thing that could've made this any more J Lawr is if she had been eating a piece of pizza inside the $99 salt water bath. Well, maybe next time...
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