This Foundation Is Going Viral — But Not For The Reason You Think

Most of the time you hear about a foundation going viral, nine times out of 10 it's because of the unfortunate and limited shade range. Even brands claiming a diverse range of colors can fall flat. That's not to say there aren't companies out there geared toward darker skin tones, because there are — there just aren't enough. And that's exactly why one under-the-radar beauty brand is making major waves for its makeup collection.
A.P.D.G. isn't a new brand, but it's finally getting its time in the spotlight due to its positive user experience. Not only are the foundations full-coverage, oil-free, fragrance-free, and pigmented enough to act as body makeup, concealer, or foundation, but multiple Reddit threads also exist dedicated solely to praise the massive shade range. (Which, for the records, includes 33 colors in total — 16 for darker skin tones, with every medium to deep undertone in between.)
Some beauty brands have claimed that there just isn't a market for this kind of vast foundation range, but A.P.D.G's success is proof against that. And there are plenty of people who have have expressed their love and appreciation for the representation via Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. On top of that, the brand offers sampler packs so you can properly shade match at home (the brand is currently only available online). But A.P.D.G. isn't just looking out for its diverse audience; it's also making animal lovers happy, thanks to its vegan and cruelty-free formulations.
The sampler sets are unfortunately sold out right now (you can thank the hype for that), but will be back in stock August 11. You can still shop the individual foundation shades on the brand's site for just $18 each, but considering all the buzz, we doubt that option will be available for long.
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