This Woman's Passport Photo Got So Messed Up & We Can't Stop Staring

Photographed by Winnie Au.
Whether it’s a particularly cringey middle school yearbook portrait or a candid you’ve untagged on Facebook, we’ve all taken a bad photo. Usually, the fault of that picture falls on a bad hairdo, a weird angle, or just general awkwardness. But none of those reasons are the culprit in the case of Chelsey Ramos’ passport photo fail.
According to HuffPost, Ramos and her boyfriend Reece Lagunas are planning to take a trip to Germany in September. In order to travel abroad, Ramos needed to renew her passport. That meant getting a new passport photo, which is why Ramos went to Costco to snap a new picture. Ramos’ photo was pretty standard. She then sent it off to the State Department to be formatted with her updated passport.
Photo: Courtesy of Reece Lagunas.
But when she got her official passport in the mail, Ramos’ photo looked anything but ordinary. It was… well, tragic.
Photo: Courtesy of Reece Lagunas.
Somehow, Ramos’ photo got warped when it was being printed on her passport. Her forehead got super stretched out, so it looked double the size it normally is. Understandably, she was not pleased. “Chelsey was furious,” Lagunas told the Huffington Post. “And rightly so. She paid good money for an official ID from the State Department and it came out wrong, completely wrong, wouldn’t-pass-through-customs wrong.”
Photo: Courtesy of Reece Lagunas.
Despite his girlfriend’s dismay, Lagunas actually found the photo fail pretty hilarious. He posted the side by side photos on Reddit with the caption “The State Department nailed my girlfriend’s passport.” It didn’t take long for the Coneheads references to start flowing.
Luckily, Lagunas said the State Department has been quite helpful in remedying Ramos’ unintentional bad photo day. She’s currently waiting for her new passport to arrive in the mail.
So next time you snap a bad picture of yourself, just remember: It could be worse. Your forehead could practically double in size on your passport.

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