Twitter Is Making Fun Of This Nail Trend — & The Results Are Hilarious

Social-media trends provoke many an existential question, one of them being: If you didn’t post a well-lit Instagram photo of your freshly-painted nails positioned against a brightly colored wall or wrapped around a waffle cone, did you even get a manicure? Considering how many similar shots you’ll see lined up on your feed, the consensus seems to be… no.
But if you’re tired of seeing the same old still lifes of glossy, manicured hands holding boring stuff (and of course you are), the latest nail-art craze on Twitter is putting a much more interesting spin on the old standby. Mashable credits @alinamarie____ with kicking off the ingenious trend, which involves sharing photos of your mani matching… well, anything that happens to match.
The self-described Queen of Extra (whose Twitter bio reads, brilliantly, “they call me ‘ham nails’”) first introduced the concept back in January with a slice of ham and a strawberry milkshake, then followed up with a handful of bacon bits a few weeks later, but it picked up steam once again over the weekend. Orange soda, Yoohoo, a can of Lysol spray, scissors — nothing was off limits this time around.
So next time you go to take a basic nail selfie post-salon visit, consider eschewing the brick wall or colorful graffiti and embrace a deli meat or household object instead. Lucy Hale better step up her monochromatic mani game, because matching your lip color to your fingertips just doesn’t have the same “wow” factor as clutching packets of artificial sweetener for the sake of staying true to your aesthetic.
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