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I Was A Deodorant Tester — & Here's All The Weird Things I Had To Do

I did their job for a day — and it is WAY stranger than you imagined.

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You may not know it, but the beauty industry is rife with job opportunities. Sure, there are the obvious careers worth lusting after: magazine editor, makeup artist, product namer, the list goes on. But we live in a world where you can pay people to do just about anything (read: cuddle, stand in line, test hotel beds...) including but not limited to, testing deodorant.
If you're wondering what the hell that means, I was right there with you a few weeks ago. In the past, I didn't give much thought to what I put under my arms (or how much research went into it). But, when I discovered that companies like Secret employ real people to test the strength of its sweat-fighters in compromising (and fairly embarrassing) situations, I decided to humor you all with footage of myself moonlighting as a lab rat.
Now, this isn't just about wearing the brand's Clinical Strength sticks or new Invisible Sprays to work and calling it a day. I'm talking torture tests like you've never imagined (hint: one involves counting backwards from 2,043 in increments of 17 in front of two stoic scientists).
Watch the video above to experience the weirdest experiments I've ever done in the name of beauty (and I've had a bite massage, so that's saying something). Then, let us know what you want to see me test next on Beauty with Mi. There's really nothing I won't try...
Editor’s note: Despite what it might look like, this is not a sponsored post. We are grateful to Secret for giving Mi-Anne behind-the-scenes access and travel accommodations, and we are thrilled by their support for this episode of Beauty With Mi.
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Secret Antiperspirant Test Deodorant Tester ExperienceReleased on August 7, 2017

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