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Jessica Alba Spilled Her Favorite Skin-Care Secrets With Us — & They're SO Good

She showed us her full routine.

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Jessica Alba has great skin. That's something I can personally attest to, having sat inches away from her face for two full hours. It's soft and supple, her pores are tight, and makeup seems to glide over it. This is in part thanks to the benefits of being an A-list celebrity with famous aestheticians like Shani Darden at the ready to take care of her complexion, but it's also true that Jessica Alba is a total skin-care nerd.
Last year, Alba rolled out her first skin-care products under the Honest Beauty umbrella, which included a cleanser, facial oil, and moisturizers. Now, she's come out with a collection designed to treat two of the biggest skin woes: acne and wrinkles.
The line, called the Younger & Clearer collection, is "millennial skin care" in a nutshell. That is, skin care designed for people who want to get a jumpstart on the wrinkle-prevention process while simultaneously fighting the occasional breakout. As you might expect, retinol and salicylic acid (plus a host of hydrators so you'll never be dried out) are the heroes.
Alba and I met at the Standard Hotel in New York City to preview the collection — sleepover-style. Check out the video above to find out her favorite ways to use the products, her go-to show to binge-watch, and more.
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Jessica Alba Skin Care Routine Honest BeautyReleased on October 23, 2017

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