Should I Pay To See Ansel Elgort In Concert On Tuesday?

Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage.
Ansel Elgort is a good guy. He stars in a good movie (Baby Driver), he produces good content (this embarrassing video that is now a meme), he is 6-foot-4, he wears good suits, he once said that he thinks it's fine that people hate him and don't know who he is, and he follows me on Twitter (hey).
So, I ask you, knowing all of this very important and relevant information about him: Is he good enough for me to pay money to go see him play music on Tuesday? Like, real money.
The immediate answer isn't "no." It's definitely a "maybe." But I can't decide! Should I spend my hard earned Internet job salary on a ticket to sit in Barclay's Center in Brooklyn to watch the famous boyfriend of Violetta Komyshan sing into a microphone? Should I enter my credit card information, click the box "Best Seats," and then pay the ticket fee because I want to see the dance moves from "Thief" (iconic video) in real life?
He asked, and now I must answer. In order to make the right choice, I inquired with my co-workers, whose taste I sort of trust.
"Yes, because you have nothing to lose."
"Yes, because he is a tall god with lovely cheekbones. MAYBE HE WILL POUT AT YOU!"
"are we pretending u haven’t already bought tickets" (More on that later.)
"maybe there will be a kevin spacey appearance."
"if violetta is there you can take a pic and ansel can comment on it about how u r art."
Okay so...... I'll see you next Tuesday, Elgort.
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