Have You Noticed All Of The Tiny Clues In The Mother Posters?

Darren Aronofsky's upcoming drama Mother! is proving to be more mysterious than the next season of American Horror Story. The director has released barely any information about the movie, even though it's slated for release next month. There are no film stills available from Paramount — all we have to go off are a short teaser and the two Mother! posters featuring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem.
What we know about the movie's plot is pretty sparse, too. Lawrence and Bardem play a couple whose home is visited by unexpected guests. That doesn't sound too terrifying, but then again, why is Lawrence's own heart in her hands? The movie will also star Michelle Pfeiffer, Domhnall Gleeson, Ed Harris, Brian Gleeson, and Kristen Wiig. There's also the below teaser trailer; the full trailer will be released on August 8.
Fittingly, Aronofsky revealed the poster featuring Lawrence on Mother's Day, featuring artwork by James Jean.
Aronofsky revealed a similar poster featuring Bardem this week.
As IndieWire pointed out, though, there are plenty of Easter eggs hidden in the two posters. Why is there a lock on Bardem's splintering chair handle? And what's up with the frog on Lawrence's poster?
IndieWire also theorizes that the small face at the bottom left corner of Lawrence's poster is a picture frame depicting Bardem's character. The website also suggests the shape within the white flower petal is a jewelry box, though it could also be a doorknob.
Oh, and if the Edvard Munch-reminiscent faces on Bardem's poster weren't creepy enough, IndieWire also discovered the ball he's holding has a baby's face on it.
The website's most notable discovery, though, is that there's actually a green version of the gold lock from Bardem's poster hiding in Lawrence's poster, too. If IndieWire's theory about the legend of Pisces is true (the locks seem to feature the Pisces symbol on them), the movie is going to be a trip.
And even that's not all. Collider ran the audio from a Mother! Instagram video through a sound tool. And somehow, the background noise from the clip resembles Bardem's face in a Spectagram image. Whatever's going on with Mother!, Aronofsky and his marketing team definitely know how to get audiences intrigued.
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