Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later Proves Weird Sex Scenes Can Still Be Funny

Photo: Saeed Adyani/Netflix.
Warning: Hilarious spoilers for Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later are ahead. Come back when you’ve finished episode 6, “Rain.”
Unexpected television sex scenes lately fallen into two camps: the purposefully profound and boundary-pushing or rape scenes that turn sex into sexual violence. Unless you’ve been bingeing the insanely awkward romantic comedy Chewing Gum on Netflix it’s hard to find a TV sex scene that is funnier than it is serious. Thankfully, the streaming gods have blessed us with the silly-and-secretly-smart treat that is Wet House American Summer: 10 Years Later. The amazingly well-executed cult movie threequel series offers up a the funniest sex scene in recent memory by throwing resident camp virgin Victor (Ken Marino) into a deeply, deeply bizarre threesome in episode 6, "Rain."
The sex scene already has a lot riding on it, considering who’s starring in it. By the time "26-year-old" Victor ends up at the infirmary with Donna (Lake Bell) and her partner Yaron (David Wain), he’s been pretending to be a regular ladies man for at least a decade in Camp Firewood time. But, Victor has leaned so far into his horndog routine, everyone has now realized it’s a complete act. This is a guy who refers to sex as "a little skunky, monkey, funky, trunky, junkie" while humping the air, and can’t even say the word "vagina" — it’s no shock to the system to think maybe young women aren’t lining up for a piece of Vic. The bartender’s sex machine act is so grating, his friends note while Vic poorly gyrates his crotch, "Wow. He’s still a virgin. Look at him." The problem isn’t the fact Vic hasn’t had sex yet — hey, everyone goes at their own pace! — the problem is how much he’s desperately overcompensating to weird, immature, sexist results.
That’s why the lead-up to Victor swiping his V-card in itself is hilarious. After Camp Firewood’s most adventure couple, Donna and Yaron, ask Victor to impregnate Donna the old-fashioned way, he’s finally forced to deal with his lies head-on. When asked where the "confident" Vic has gone, he yells at best friend Neil (Joe Lo Truglio), "That man is a fraud, Neil. A fake, freaking fraud." To feel like less of a "fraud" Neil decides to teach Victor how to do the deed by pantomiming "normal sex" on a mattress. While Vic’s stroke game varies between terrifying and literally off the mark, and he humps his way completely off of the matt, it’s his pillow talk that is truly worth a laugh out loud. Victor can’t stop manically saying "hi" or "goodbye" to his prospective lady partner, despite Neil’s pleas to nix any form of salutation.
When Sex 101 graduate Victor shows up to make a baby, things go from funny to hauntingly hysterical. Donna reveals it’s time for "the ceremony," which Yaron will be present and active during. The ceremony involves masks. The masks are perfect realistic replicas of Donna, Yaron, and Victor’s respective faces. Please imagine if your first time was a threesome involving sacred hand-painted robes and a mask of your own face, with the appropriate hairstyle included. If that already seems like The Worst, Victor’s experience gets even weirder when Donna explains, "All of us will pick a mask at random and our journey will begin." That means if Vic picks any mask that isn’t of his own face, which he has a 66% chance of doing, he’ll be staring at himself while losing his virginity. Of course, since Wet Hot American Summer is a comedy of extremes, that’s exactly what happens, leading to Victor essentially penetrating himself. With Donna on top, we see Victor screaming about the new sensations he’s experiencing while his own face twin looks down at him.
Considering how unconventional all of this is, it's easy to feel bad about Victor's first time, but there’s proof we should all be happy for him. Once everyone is finished, he reminiscences about how "sex is amazing" and can’t stop smiling. Yaron even tells Victor he did "a great job," which the bartender finds truly touching. We guess Yaron was telling the truth, since Donna announces she’s already pregnant and can feel the baby kick. Please don’t question how time works in the Wet Hot universe, that’s not important. Mission accomplished, Vic!
W.H.A.S.: 10 Years Later is a great reminder that sex can be funny, weird, and sometimes filled with very realistic masks, apparently. Congrats to Victor on finally losing it.
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