Michael Strahan Lost Part Of His Pinky And We Need To Know How

Photo: Ida Mae Astute/ABC.
Good Morning, America host Michael Strahan was mysteriously missing from the show this Tuesday, and hen his colleagues said he was suffering from an injury, most people probably figured he caught a stomach bug or something. You, know, normal stuff.
Nope. Strahan returned to the morning show on Wednesday to report that he was absent because he "lost a little bit" of his pinky finger. Just a little bit. And despite offering up the reason for his absence, he failed to let viewers know how he hurt himself. We know there's got to be a line between what we can and can't know about a celebrity's private life, but how bad can it be? Naturally, we have questions.
Like how much is a little bit? Was it just the tip or a whole nail's length? Is that gross to ask? And how, exactly, did he lose a piece a piece of his finger? Chopping up vegetables, maybe?
Questions aside, we're glad it's not a more serious injury.If it were, it might be a little harder to laugh at some of his coworkers' pinky jokes. While Strahan is glad to be back on the show, he isn't too happy about them making fun of him.
"I didn't realize how much of a joke I was gonna be," he said. One of his coworkers had already asked him to pinky swear on something. I have a feeling that'll be a running joke even after his finger heals.
The thing is, they're not laughing at him, they're laughing with him. Pinky swear!
Even without his littlest finger, Strahan is still great at his job. Guests Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner were on to promote the new Avengers movie, Avengers: Infinity War.
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