These Game Of Thrones Greyscale Cream Puffs Are Disgusting & Delicious

This story was originally published on July 31, 2017.
Game of Thrones has gotten off to a pretty gross start, and sweet Samwell Tarly somehow happens to be the one dealing with the worst of it.
In the season 7 premiere episode, "Dragonstone," fans watched as Jon Snow's pal from the Night's Watch emptied out disgusting waste bins only to turn around and dish out goopy bowls of soup that looked just as nasty and unappetizing. A week later, viewers saw Sam peel off Jorah's greyscale, which oozed pus with each gut-wrenching stab in "Stormborn."
Just as we were getting used to the poop-tossing, skin-peeling missions of our young Sam, the show decided to give us a little bit of a break. But that didn't stop fans from fulfilling our weekly grossness quota for the week.
GoT fan and foodie extraordinaire Joy Huang introduced the world to the Greyscale Cream Puff on her colorful Instagram page on Sunday, and neither our viewing parties nor our appetites will ever be the same again.

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"After watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones, I was inspired to make these choux pastries, color the craquelin with dark cocoa (idea courtesy of @emcdowell), and call them Greyscale Cream Puffs," Huang captioned her post. "Inside is a yummy yellowish vanilla pastry cream just waiting to ooze out when you cut into it."
She completed her post with #sorrynotsorry.
Huang also spoke with Delish and said that the puffs "taste a lot better than they look" and that the topping reminds her of scrumptious Oreo cookies.
In another post, Huang offered a closer look at her gooey creations and even included a video of her cutting one of the puffs open.

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Once you can clear that horrific scene with Sam and Jorah out of your mind, these cream puffs actually do look really good and would totally be the best addition to any party (just warn your squeamish friends beforehand).

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