Cookie Butter Oreos Might Be Coming To Store Shelves Soon

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Cookie butter is officially taking over the dessert world. For a while, it was a cult favorite treat among hardcore Trade Joe’s shoppers and of course, it's long been popular in Europe, but recently, cookie butter has gone completely mainstream. We see evidence of that in Olive Garden’s forthcoming new dessert, Cookie Butter Cake, and Carvel’s Spring 2017 cookie butter ice cream flavor. Now, rumor has it, one more big name in sweet treats is getting in on the cookie butter action. According to an Instagram post, Oreo may soon introduce a cookie butter-flavored Oreo cookie.
Yesterday, an Instagram user named markie_devo posted a picture of a package of Oreos. Though the photo is a bit fuzzy, the package clearly reads, "Cookie Butter Oreo" and features an image of a jar of cookie butter. Accompanying the photo, markie_devo wrote, "Cookie Butter Oreos will release on Sep 18th." The junkfoodbanter Instagram account also posted about the rumored new Cookie Butter Oreos after seeing markie_devo's photo. Junkbanter wrote, "If I squint my eyes to the limits of human capability, it appears they say 'cinnamon' cookie with cookie butter flavored cream. It could also say 'graham.'" Obviously, right now, we don't have clear details about what this new Oreo flavor is made of or if it's even real.

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At first, we thought maybe this was one of the winners of the #MyOreoCreation Contest because obviously whoever thought this flavor up deserves to be rewarded with $500,000. However, according to the Oreo website, the three winning flavors of the contest won't be released until Spring/Summer 2018, and the Cookie Butter Oreos are rumored to be out much sooner.
We reached out to Oreo reps to see if the cookie company could confirm the new cookie butter flavor, and will update this piece as we find out more. For now, we're secretly hoping that Oreo is assisting cookie butter in dessert world domination.
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