Cookie Butter Cake Will Soon Be Available At Olive Garden

We’re always looking for new ways to consume cookie butter. Because it’s one of the most delicious substances on this planet, we often feel like as though we aren't doing it justice by simply eating it out of the jar with a spoon. While that’s always a reliable fall back, we love finding recipes that allow this sweet buttery ingredient to shine. We’ve put it in Chocolate Chip cookies, made ice cream with it, and even used it to transform a cheesecake. We certainly enjoy eating cookie butter in these exciting new forms, but let's face it, making the treats does take time and effort. It looks like Olive Garden will soon be saving customers from whipping up cookie butter items themselves with its newest menu addition: Cookie Butter Cake.
Olive Garden's new Cookie Butter Cake has two layers of vanilla cake, and sandwiched between then is a layer of creamy sweet with cookie crumbles. The cake is also frosted in the cookie butter and finished with a caramel drizzle. It hits locations Monday, July 31. Olive Garden isn't the only chain to take notice of the cookie butter trend. This past spring, Carvel introduced Cookie Butter-flavored ice cream, but it was only available for a limited time.
While we're guessing plenty of people never make it past the never-ending pasta options at Olive Garden, this new menu addition could be an attempt to appeal to a younger consumer. And, after we heard about Olive Garden's partnership with Amazon, we weren't at all surprised to hear the Italian chain was adding this millennial favorite to their menu in order to lure us in. But, hey, if a dish has the words cookie and butter in its name, we're not going to turn down a taste. Especially if we don't have to make it ourselves.
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