Why This $30 Hand Sanitizer Is Worth Every Penny

I have this thing about dry skin — the feeling, to me, is like nails on a chalkboard. There's just something unsettling about being so dehydrated to the point of cracking and flaking. But because I'm a compulsively hygienic person who washes their hands after every routine activity — like eating, taking the subway, going to the bathroom, cleaning my desk — well, my hands are always dry, which means I'm always racing to my desk to slather on lotion. The constant back and forth of scrubbing away the moisturizer on my hands to reapplying it again is a revolving door of dread — until now.
Byredo, my favorite bougie brand, recently launched a rinse-free hand wash. (That is very fancy — and expensive — way to say 'hand sanitizer.') Normally, I would never recommend you spend your hard-earned cash on $30 antimicrobial lotion, but this one is so worth it. Why? Let's just say I've forever fixed my relentless dry hands.
The formula squirts out like a creamy white lotion, but once you massage it onto your hands, it melts like a hand sanitizer and leaves your skin fully cleansed. That's thanks to the (non-drying!) alcohol, but instead of smelling like the stuff, the milky formula is scented with two of Byredo's famous fragrances, Vetyver and Suede. Both are musky, warm, and just a little bit floral — probably the sexiest smelling cleansing gels you'll ever own.
So if you leave the fluorescent bathroom every day at work wishing your hands didn't feel like sandpaper, here's the prettiest solution you'll find this year.
Byredo Rinse-Free Hand Wash, $30, available at Byredo.
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