There's A Caribbean Beach Where You Can Chillax With Flamingos & Our Travel Dreams Have Come True

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The world is full of travel destinations where you can hang out with animals: A wildlife conservation center in Oregon offers sloth sleepovers, Virginia has the ponies on Chincoteague Island, there's a charity in Turks and Caicos through which you can play with rescue puppies on the beach.
But Flamingo Beach at the four-star Renaissance Resort & Casino in Oranjestad, the capital of the Caribbean island of Aruba, is now our favorite by far.
It's a private, adult-only beach where you can hang out with flamingos — feed them, take selfies with them, and generally enjoy being around the pink birds. According to PopSugar, you don't need to be a guest of the resort; you can buy a day pass and take a super-quick boat ride to the 40-acre artificial island where it's located, which has a mangrove and two private beaches.
There's much more to do there than just hang out with flamingos — though, TBH, that would be enough for us.
"Flamingo Beach is a perfect spot for couples' romantic getaways, tasty cocktails, and open-air massages, indeed contributing to a wonderful vacation," according to Okay, we're sold.
A word of warning: Flamingos can be unpredictable creatures.
"Adult-only also has to do with the presence of so many pink-colored flamingos," says the tourist website. "They are really everywhere around you when you are visiting Flamingo Beach, and they can sometimes be rather disturbing and a little bit too curious. Management of the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino has decided not to allow children to minimize the disturbance of the flamingo population."
Flamingos in Aruba? Sign us up, ASAP.
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