Hundreds Of Luxury Beauty Brands Might Be Coming To Amazon Soon

There’s no escaping the fact that Amazon is probably the closest we’ll ever come to an online store that stocks everything imaginable all in one place. But despite its seemingly endless selection, buying beauty products from the one-stop shop has historically been somewhat shady business, thanks to third-party sellers and counterfeit goods.
That said, major strides have been made over the past few years as both drugstore and high-end brands started authorizing their products for sale on the site. Finally, you can add your Leonor Greyl hair oil to the same virtual cart as your paper towels and dog food — and according to a new report from WWD, Amazon’s beauty marketplace might get even better soon, if a rumored partnership with luxury beauty purveyor Violet Grey comes to fruition.
Though a spokeswoman from the company declined to comment on the reports, a collaboration with the innovative site could mean bringing brands like Tom Ford, Chantecaille, and Hourglass to Amazon for the first time. In addition to its shoppable selection of prestige beauty products, Violet Grey also specializes in editorial features starring celebrities like Emilia Clarke and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, so the relationship could potentially involve a content component as well.
Cassandra Grey, the founder and CEO of Violet Grey, said in a statement, “I cannot confirm a special relationship with Amazon apart from the fact that I have enormous respect for the company and view the platform as one of the only five distribution partners that matter for digital content producers, particularly those of us who ride or die to serve the almighty modern consumer.” It’s still possible that the rumors are just rumors — but if that is the case, Amazon might want to get Grey on the phone ASAP to make it happen for real. All those almighty modern consumers seem pretty excited about it already.
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