A Pop-Up O.J. Simpson Museum Is Coming To L.A.

Photo: Jason Bean/Getty Images.
It's safe to assume that nobody asked for it, but a museum dedicated to the life and times of O.J. Simpson is coming to L.A.'s Chinatown.
Mashable reports that for one week, the Coagula Curatorial Gallery will play host to over 300 artifacts related to Simpson's 1995 murder trial.
"The museum is about the phenomenon associated with [Simpson]; not about him," the museum's curator, Adam Papagan, said. He added that there wouldn't even be an exhibit if Simpson had not been associated with the murders, since he's more well known for the case than for anything else.
While he came to prominence as a football player, the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman, quickly eclipsed anything O.J. did on the field. "He'd be just another washed up football player," Papagan added.
The centerpiece of the exhibit is sure to be a 1994 Ford Bronco, which Mashable reports is ready for selfies and Instagram. It's not the one involved in the famous car chase, but it is identical. Additionally, there will be sports memorabilia, souvenirs, and some brand-new never-before-seen bootleg merch featuring Simpson's mug.
"The trial has been excessively documented by the media, but we only have the trial's perspective," Papagan said. "I wanted to tell the people's version of the story."
News of the museum comes just days after Simpson's parole. Twitter users voiced their own thoughts on the exhibit. Some saw it as a disrespectful move that fetishizes crime and makes light of the victims.
In response to critics, Papagan said that the pop-up will include a tribute to Nicole and Goldman. The exhibit is set to run from August 18 to 22.
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