O.J. Simpson Has Been Granted Parole & Twitter Can't Handle It

Photo: Jason Bean/Pool/Bloomberg.
After he served almost nine years in prison for a Las Vegas robbery in 2007, four Nevada commissioners have granted O.J. Simpson parole. Simpson, 70, could be released from Lovelock Correctional Facility in Nevada as early as October 1.
In the hearing, the former football player gave his account of the 2007 events, which included leading a group into a Las Vegas hotel and casino and stealing sports memorabilia — which he claimed included intimate family photos — at gunpoint, and said he wished it never happened.
"I take full responsibility," he said.
Viewers were riveted by the proceedings, and took to Twitter to react to O.J.'s comments, including one in particular where he claimed he was a "straight shooter."
"Why would you call yourself a "straight shooter" at a parole hearing?" one viewer asked.
"Lawyer to OJ: Avoid phrases like "take a stab at it" or "cut to the chase." OJ to lawyer: Ok...I'll use 'straight shooter.'"
Other people expressed their shock through the beautiful medium of GIFs:
Same goes for after parole was granted:
For the most part, however, this news had people not knowing how to feel — but they definitely felt a lot.
"I gotta say, this is super surreal," one viewer wrote. "Watching this [a verdict of sorts] for the second time. Super surreal."
"Considering how the day went, I am a little surprised," another commented. "He didn't answer any questions directly and rambled on."
"I'm not surprised he got parole but still shocked to hear the phrase 'you have no prior conviction,'" someone else commented.
Then, of course, there were also jokes:
"Oct 1 OJ gets released
Oct 2 OJ takes over social media
Oct 3 OJVlogs On YT
Oct 4 OJ Merch
Oct 5 OJ Pop up Shop "
"I can't wait for Oct. 1 to find out what cabinet position OJ gets."
It's safe to say we all be watching for what's next.

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