Will One Of The Starks Finally Kill Littlefinger?

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Is this the season that we say goodbye to Petyr Baelish (Aiden Gillen) on Game of Thrones? The internet certainly seems to think so. As PopSugar pointed out in April, season six seemed to point to Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) finally sticking the guy "with the pointy end." Now that we're two episodes into season 7, the theory stands: Petyr Baelish is going to die this season, and his death will be at the hands of Arya Stark or, as PopSugar also notes, Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner).
This is a theory that's been brewing for a while. Baelish and the Starks have never had a great relationship, per se, especially considering Littlefinger was (and still is) in love with Catelyn Stark. These days, though, the theory seems more relevant. Arya Stark is now on her cross-country killing spree (just like Britney in Crossroads!) and Sansa Stark has emerged as one of the more cold-blooded characters in season 7.
The evidence for Arya killing Littlefinger soon — like, in the next episode soon — is mounting. First, there was that season 7 promo photo of Arya holding Petyr's dagger. Then, that dagger appeared in the season premiere in a Samwell Tarly's (John Bradley) book, as if production wanted to remind us that it was important. (That also probably means the dagger contains dragonglass, which is basically Westeros mass weapons.) Then, in the second episode of the season, Arya finds out that her brother Jon Snow is alive and well and King of the North. She then reroutes her killing spree and heads for Winterfell.
Guess who's at Winterfell? Littlefinger. He's also on Arya Stark's "little list" of people she wants to kill.
But guess who's also at Winterfell? Sansa Stark. Sansa knows what Littlefinger wants — he wants to marry her. In the premiere, she said as much, giving a muted glance to her savior/suitor. She has reason to dispense of Littlefinger.
Soon, Littlefinger will be in the presence of two all-grown-up Starks who are ready to draw blood. Things don't look good for you, buddy.
Although, I'll say it: I don't want Petyr Baelish to go. He, like Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and Oleanna (Diana Rigg), seems to be one of the few on this show who actually knows what's going on.
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