Kylie Jenner's Recent Snaps Have Us Wondering If She's Going Vegan

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For a while, we were getting daily Snaps of what Kylie Jenner was cooking, but it's been a minute since she gave us a ramen hack or a new French toast recipe to try out. Yesterday, though, amidst over 50 Snaps previewing her new Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection, she ended the streak and clued us back in to what she was eating. Interestingly, the food photos and videos that Jenner shared all featured vegan dishes, which made us wonder if the young reality TV star and beauty mogul is transitioning to an all-vegan diet.
The first food photo Kylie posted on Snapchat yesterday featured some delicious looking tacos with blue corn shells. To our surprise, the youngest Jenner wrote across the image, "I'm trying this whole vegan thing. Vegan Tacos." Very soon after posting the photo of the vegan tacos, she shared another photo, and this one featured nachos. Over this picture Jenner typed, "Vegan Raw Soy Free Dairy Free Grain Free Nachos mmm."
Photo: Courtesy of King Kylie.
Photo: Courtesy of King Kylie.
At first it was unclear whether Kylie meant she was "trying out this whole vegan thing" just for that meal. However, after posting a bunch of videos of her new Kylie Cosmetic collection, she returned to the kitchen to show off two more vegan dishes. Three hours after the vegan tacos and vegan nachos made their appearances on Kylie's Snap Story, she posted a video of two vegan pizzas sizzling in the oven. She also shared one of squash being sautéd in a pan.
Photo: Courtesy of King Kylie.
Photo: Courtesy of King Kylie.
This second round of vegan food shots definitely has us wondering if the celeb is seriously considering switching to a vegan diet. But it also has us asking who in the world was eating all this food? Tacos, nachos, two pizzas, and squash in a span of four hours is impressive, and we can't help but be a little jealous even though it's all vegan.
As for the question of whether Kylie Jenner is going vegan, we don't have the answer. However, we do know that she loves animals — as evidenced by her ever-growing roster of pets and frequent jaunts to pet exotic animals in other countries — so for that reason, it wouldn't be all that surprising for her to give up eating animal products. Maybe in her next (long-overdue) episode of Cooking with Kylie she'll give us a new vegan recipe.
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