Maria Menounos Spoke Out About Her Brain Tumor Surgery

Photo: Courtesy of NBC News.
Things got emotional on the Today show on Friday.
Megyn Kelly previewed her upcoming interview with Maria Menounos, and she couldn't help but get a bit teary-eyed. The actress and TV host talked about having surgery to remove a noncancerous brain tumor — and Menounos called the brain tumor a "gift."
The journalist revealed earlier this year that she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The news came after Menounos was caring for her mother, who was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer in September. Menounos started experiencing some of the symptoms she'd seen in her mom, like headaches and dizziness, so she pointed it out to her doctor. Fortunately, Menounos' tumor wasn't cancerous, but she still needed to have it removed by a seven-hour surgery last month.
"I think that this was a gift, because I needed to change my life," Menounos told Megyn Kelly on the Today show. "I needed to change the way I did everything."
Earlier this month, Menounos announced that she was leaving E! News after three years.
It was clear Kelly found Menounos' story incredibly moving, too. Kelly was visibly tearing up as she presented her segment to the Today hosts. The full interview will air this weekend on Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.
Menounos didn't mince words when talking to Kelly about her mom, who isn't faring as well as she is.
"My mom, I just hope that we can make her one of the long-term survivors," Menounos told Kelly, and she started tearing up herself. "Because I'm worried about her. Nobody ever wants to lose their mom."
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