Can We Talk About That Couch Johnny Depp Purchased From The Set Of KUWTK?

Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic.
Johnny Depp's former business managers are in the middle of a legal battle with the actor, and things are getting interesting. The Management Group has filed a cross-complaint against the actor after Depp sued his former manager, Joel Mandel, and TMG for $25 million in January claiming the group acted with "gross misconduct." The question the lawsuit is hoping to settle is this: who is responsible for spending all that money? Depp? Or his former team?
As a result have been releasing the Pirates of the Caribbean actor's (excessive) expenses throughout the years to make their point that his spending has been out of control for years, and thus TMG has to interfere on his behalf. And one of those wild purchases has to do with the Kardashian family.
According to emails released on The Hollywood Reporter, Depp allegedly purchased a couch from the set of Keeping Up With the Kardashians as a gift for his daughter, Lily-Rose, for $7,000. Now, this is hilarious for a few reasons. First of all, this could mean that Depp watches KUWTK? Does he have a favorite sister? Does he think that Kris Jenner is a total boss? Or is this all Lily Rose's doing? Is she friendly with Kylie? Does she use KKW contour? Do the Kardashians know that Johnny Depp owned (at one point) one of their couches? In addition to the reality famous couch, the claim also states that Depp spent half a million dollars on warehouse fees as a result of storing his many Hollywood collectives, and that he spent almost $20,000 on accessories at Prada. The purchases were allegedly made on a Visa credit card provided by TMG.
"Depp’s exorbitant spending remains at the center of this case," wrote Michael Kump, an attorney for TMG. "The cross-complaint is being redacted because Depp is doing everything in his power to hide the identity of the friends and family to whom TMG supposedly distributed money without his authorization. Depp knows how ridiculous he will look when these false allegations are publicly disclosed."
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