A Cinderella Story Is Coming To Netflix In August

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If there's one thing Netflix needs more of, it's movies featuring Hilary Duff. So, it is with great pleasure that we announce — or holler from the hilltops — that A Cinderella Story will be coming to the streaming service in August, as per a press release.
This is not a drill.
This is A Cinderella Story, the perennial teen classic featuring Regina King as a diner waitress-cum-fairy godmother and Jennifer Coolidge as a tanning-addicted stepmother. The evil stepsisters, Brianna and Gabriella, are synchronized swimmers. Chad Michael Murray plays Austin, a.k.a. "Nomad," the email pen pal who woos Hilary Duff's Samantha Montgomery. (This was after Lindsay Lohan starred in Freaky Friday opposite Chad Michael Murray. There was some drama between teen star Lohan and teen star Duff regarding Murray that added to the existing drama regarding Aaron Carter. Ah, the aughts.) The story was modern then; today, it is adorably not. Sam and "Nomad" email each other. He then obtains her phone (a stand-in for the glass slipper) and uses it to find her. Rest assured, in 2017, if you find someone's phone and it doesn't have a passcode, you won't need any help finding the person.
Still, it's a perennial teen classic. Not to mention, it spawned three sequels, one of which starred Selena Gomez as a breakdancer.
When the movie came out, Hilary Duff was at the pinnacle of her teen career. She was 17, and smooching Chad Michael Murray on screen. (Now, she's at the pinnacle of her adult career in my personal opinion, starring on TV Land's Younger.)
"It was much better than my real first kiss, but like, probably way more awkward because there were 270 people watching, crew and stuff like that, and we also shot it on the third day of filming," Duff told People at the time regarding the kiss.
Ah, the aughts.
A Cinderella Story will be available for streaming this August. Netflix will release its full list of August titles on Monday, July 24th.
Watch the full trailer for A Cinderella Story, below.
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