Hilary Duff Just Channeled A Cinderella Story On The Set Of Younger

Photo: Zelig Shaul/ACE PICTURES/INSTARimages.com
Although Hilary Duff is all grown up and playing amazing roles like Kelsey on Younger, she can't seem to leave her past behind. While on set filming for the TVLand show, Duff was spotted wearing a dress that's actually kind of a throwback to a movie anyone born in the '90s is well aware of: A Cinderella Story.
A Cinderella Story may have been a modern adaptation of the classic fairytale, but it still included a beautiful, flouncy dress that's not too far off from the number present-day Duff was just spotted wearing on the streets of New York City.
Although this dress makes it look like Duff is living the life of luxury, she and co-star Sutton Foster explained to Refinery29 that their days on set are actually super draining.
"We have a big respect for one another and we kind of know what the other one needs at the time," Duff said of Foster. "Like if one person walks in in a huff, we’re just like ‘What do you need, what can we do?' But we don’t really hang out too much outside of work because when we are working, we are together all day, 'till 3 in the morning. So when we're not filming we're like, ‘See ya, bye!’"
When she's not on set, Duff is participating in shenanigans with her son and keeping extra good (and expensive) care of her skin.
But, now it's time for the real question: Why is Duff's character wearing the dress in the first place? We'll have to wait until June 28th when the show returns for season 4 to find out.

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