Sabrina Carpenter's Music Video For "Why" Proves Opposites Attract

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One of the girls of Girl Meets World is growing up...and making mature music.
Sabrina Carpenter, who played rebellious Maya on the now-canceled Disney Channel sitcom, has just released a music video for her new song "Why," and it's more proof that she's ready to "take on the world."
Carpenter's video for "Thumbs" took place on a subway car, so it's only fitting that "Why" also takes place in New York City. This time, however, the video moves from the city sidewalk to a corner diner to a loft — basically, it's a Manhattan love story, told from the perspective of two people who couldn't be more different from one another.
As for Carpenter's love interest, you'll definitely recognize his face if you tune into The CW's Riverdale. Casey Cott, who plays Kevin on the mystery series, plays the salt to Carpenter's pepper.
"This is you and this is me," says Cott's character as he holds up salt and pepper shakers at the diner. "At first glance it might not look like we go together, but everybody knows that we belong together."
If you swooned over all those Joaquin and Kevin scenes (I know I did), you'll definitely fall for this music video couple.
The mature sound of Carpenter's new music might not be what you would expect of someone who just came off a Disney Channel show. While plenty of former Disney kids make music, Carpenter, who is currently on tour, told student magazine Impact that she wanted to do something a little different from her predecessors:
"I’m a huge fan of pop music, but I think, at a young age and being on family show it could’ve been expected of me. So, I did want to do something different, but I’ve always taken so much inspiration from big singers and big voices like Adele, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, and Beyoncé."
Check out the video below:

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