Mayim Bialik Still Gets Doogie Howser, M.D. Checks

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
The cast of the Big Bang Theory got a lot of attention when the show's leads took a pay cut to offer their costars bigger raises last year. Mayim Bialik, aka Amy Farrah Fowler, probably thanked her pals for the move, since she and Melissa Rauch benefited from the move, but she might not have let her friends in on the fact that she's still getting paid from her Doogie Howser, M.D. days.
Page Six reports that Bialik showed off a residuals check from the show in an Instagram post. And while it may be gauche to brag about how much money you make or boast about huge bonuses, her photo is more funny than faux pas. Networks must not be airing reruns of the episode that she was in, because her check is only for two cents.
"That's right. GROSS $0.02. NET to me: $0.01," she wrote alongside the photo of her paycheck.
Bialik wasn't a regular on the show, which might be why her check is so small. Back in 1990, she was a guest star on a single episode of the Neil Patrick Harris series. Here's hoping that she's making a little bit more off her more well-known roles, like Blossom and Jodi Funkhouser from Curb Your Enthusiasm.
While two pennies may seem like a paltry sum, Bialik's hashtags are giving her followers a clue into what she plans on doing with the check. She added #Youbetimcashingit and #everypennycounts, which are two things fans probably won't see on a celebrity Instagram account any time soon.
Bialik is the second star to show off her residuals check this week. Just yesterday, Drake shared his own paycheck from his Degrassi days. His check was made out for $8.25, so it's a bit more than Bialik's, but you can't put a price on getting a reminder of your humble beginnings.
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