The Bachelorette's Rachel Lindsay Cannot Stop Gushing About Her Fiancé

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
We still have to wait two more weeks to find out who Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay chose to be her future husband. While we're trying our best to savor the final days before it's all over, Lindsay, it seems, is ready for it to end so she can finally talk about her man openly. Though things are hush-hush for her and her fiancé at the moment, that hasn't stopped her from gushing about their secret rendez-vous and wedding plans. This Bachelorette is clearly over-the-moon about her choice because she can't stop talking about her guy, and dropping sweet but vague hints about his identity, like the fact that he's a "hopeless romantic."
Rachel Lindsay recently confessed that Monday nights are awkward for her and her fiancé because they're forced to revisit things that went down on The Bachelorette. However, that one night of awkwardness that comes at the beginning of every week hasn't dampened Lindsay's excitement over her new engagement. Yesterday, The Bachelorette star told People that she had recently seen her man, and she was very forward about her feelings for him. She said, "I love my fiancé. I just saw him yesterday. We just finished having our little rendezvous. We called it Happy Couples Weekend." She also explained that she is more sure about her decision the more time she spends with him. That's a good sign since they will soon be able to see each other in the open all the time.
Though the world doesn't yet know the identity of Rachel Lindsay's fiancé, it seems like they're already talking about when they want their wedding to take place. Lindsay told People that because they're still getting to know each other away from all the cameras, they will probably wait a bit before saying "I do." She explained, "I want to wait at least a year from the time that we got engaged. So ideally, I'd like to get married next year, but who knows? We'll see what happens."
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