Reebok Schooled Trump On Misogyny With This Viral Tweet

Photo: Jun Sato/WireImage.
Reebok clapped back at some sexist remarks President made on a recent visit to France. Trump has a habit of commenting on powerful women's appearances. Last month, his remarks were beyond the pale when he tweeted about MSNBC co-host Mika Brzezinski.
While on a state visit last week, he could not resist commenting on the physical appearance of Brigitte Macron, the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron. While France does not have an equivalent title of First Lady, the French President's spouse is generally regarded with the same honor as our First Lady.
At a meeting during his France visit earlier this week, Trump said, upon meeting her, her "you're in such good shape." The Times then reports that he turned to President Macron and said "she's in such good physical shape. Beautiful." Why he felt the need to comment on Brigitte Macron's body is anyone's guess, but his past behavior indicates that Trump equates an idealized standard of beauty with worthiness.
Reebok, the athletic shoe company, was similarly annoyed by this sexist exchange. They posted a helpful infographic for anyone else who may be considering saying "you're in such good shape" to a woman, foreign dignitary or otherwise. It's a subtweet of legendary shadiness. "Are you a world leader greeting the spouse of a head of state?" it asks, with a flowchart arrow pointing to NO. "Are you in an elevator with a woman?" "Are you at the gym working out next to a woman?" These are all not appropriate times to comment on a woman's appearance. The only time "you're in such good shape" can be successfully deployed, according to Reebok, is when you find an unscathed action figure in your parent's basement.
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