This Guy Thought Destroying All His Girlfriend's Makeup Would Be Funny

There's nothing funny about cracked, broken makeup. Dropping a compact of your favorite bronzer on a tiled floor is just as bad as that breathless moment when you flip over a dropped iPhone to find out whether or not the screen shattered. Needless to say, we don't mess around when it comes to preserving our favorite products. Unfortunately, a man named Joey Salads doesn't quite understand that.
A video titled "Destroying GF's Makeup Prank" resurfaced on Facebook this week from Joey Salads, a YouTube comedian. Even before pressing play, our hearts were hurting — the words "destroy" and "makeup" should never be in the same sentence. Alas, the entire video is what you might expect: a man idiotically ruining his girlfriend's makeup kit loaded with MAC products. And if it pained us to watch him smashing powders with a hammer, we can't even imagine how upset she felt.
But somehow, the girlfriend, Tanisha, kept her cool. Sure, she was visibly upset, but also remarkably cool and collected about the whole thing. We really have no clue how they're still together, because if our significant other pulled a stunt like this, they'd be cut out of our lives in minutes.
By the end of the excruciating video, Salads admits he feels "bad." Ultimately, he offers Tanisha a shopping trip to MAC to replace the damaged goods, but she informs him that most of the collection was limited-edition, like her Caitlyn Jenner x MAC lipstick. It's likely going to take awhile for her, and us, too, to get over this. Tonight, we'll all hold our palettes a little tighter and tell them how much we love them.
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