Mayim Bialik Calls Out "Absurd" Policy Of Blurring Out Women's Faces

Thanks to some strained vocal chords, Mayim Bialik can't speak for a month. And if some people have their way, you not only won't be able to hear her — you won't see her, either.
The actress used an altered still from The Big Bang Theory to illustrate her outrage over a strict religious policy.
"Some super-duper ultra Orthodox Jews think women's faces should be blotted out of ads and photos," Bialik, who is herself Orthodox Jewish, posted. "[The Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance] showed what I might look like under this absurd restriction."
Sheldon's face pretty much says it all.
Bialik's post comes after Instagram personality Adina Miles, a.k.a. Flatbush Girl, claimed that Brooklyn's Flatbush Jewish Journal asked her to blur an image of herself for an ad she was running in their paper. The New York Daily News reported that Miles was told her face violated "modesty rules." In response, the Orthodox Jewish mother posted the ad with a crying-with-laughter emoji over her face.
Miles' experience has inspired a #frumwomenhavefaces social media movement, hence Bialik's post. While Miles has been targeted by trolls for speaking out — many comments accuse her of everything from infidelity to dressing inappropriately — the former Blossom star seems to be getting plenty of support on Instagram.
"We shouldn't have to hide to not be objectified," noted one fan, while others chimed in with their own experiences of seeing women running afoul of the so-called modesty rules.
And then there's this observation from one of Bialik's biggest cheerleaders: costar Jim Parsons.
"We're still a pretty cute couple, no?" he commented. "Too soon??? I love u."
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