Emilia Clarke Can't Spell Dothraki, But Her Fans Are Very Forgiving

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Emilia Clarke may be the Mother of Dragons, but she's struggling with her Dothraki spelling. (Can you blame her? Between the riding the dragons and the taking over of kingdoms, something tells me Khaleesi doesn't really get the chance to learn "i before e.")
Still, for someone involved in Game of Thrones, this is blasphemy. Clarke wrote in an Instagram caption, "One happy dragon mamma defying gravity with my rogue dress strap ⚡️ (..if you look carefully I'm whispering "dracaras")"
The word she's trying to say is "dracarys," which means dragonfire.
As the internet's favorite activity is spell-checking, her fans piped in to correct her.
"Damn I really hate to do this but it's "Dracarys" gotta work on that high valyrian spelling," one writes in a comment.
Another enthusiastic commenter notes, "I think you are a fabulous human being, @emilia_clarke. I alternately love you/ want to be you. BUT, I feel I need to point out that it's dracarys. I feel like dragon momma would want to get it right."
Others found the misstep reassuring — we're not all master spellers. "See I'm not the only one who spells dracarys incorrectly lol," one of her followers writes.
Spelling may be a grave error in the internet world, but in the Seven Kingdoms, I would imagine it's alright. Especially considering that there's a giant war on the horizon in season 7 and Daenarys (Clarke's fierce princess) has an all-grown-up dragon to tend to this season. Daenarys especially has a fleet of ships and a major task at hand: taking over King's landing.
"Dany is exploring every avenue that her kind of bloodline has been to," Clarke told the Belfast Telegraph regarding season 7. "People have an idea of what her father was and everyone has vague idea what her brother was. She knows what those things are but it could be very easy for her to do something very rash."
Put in perspective, the spelling thing seems like petty quibbles.
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