An Avocado Bathing Suit Is For Sale & We Don't Know What To Make Of It

In case you missed it, avocados have dominated the news cycle lately. This spring, 35-year-old millionaire and property mogul Tim Gurner sparked outrage when he stated that avocado toast is the reason millennials can't afford to buy homes. Many of us responded, "if splurging on avocado toast is wrong, I don't want to be right."
Next, we warned about the dreaded "avocado hand," a common injury that occurs when slicing the beloved fruit. Doctors even reported a "post-brunch surge" in avocado-related injuries on the weekends.
Our obsession with avocados knows no bounds (heck, we're willing to risk ER visits and sacrifice our home buying plans just so we can indulge).
Need further proof? Check out this avocado bathing suit from Beloved Shirts, the brand that brought us the chest hair swimsuit and the Donald Trump swimsuit.

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Yeah, we don't know what to make of it, either, but something tells us that everyone on the beach will do a double take if they spot someone wearing this extremely unique swimwear piece.
The green suit is printed with a halved avocado in the center, complete with a pit in the middle. So, whether you love it or hate it, you've gotta give the designers props for creating such a realistic image of an avocado.
One-piece bathing suits are this summer's trendiest swim attire, so if want to wear your passion for avocados on your sleeve (uh, chest), the good news is that this suit retails for a totally reasonable $49.99.
So, avocado enthusiasts, prove your undying love for the fruit by heading to the beach in the Avocado One Piece Swimsuit.

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