Paris Jackson Compared Acne To Pizza — & Twitter LOVES It

There are no two ways about it: Growing up with acne sucks. What’s more disheartening to an impressionable kid than some schoolyard bully calling you a pizza-face when you’re just trying to kick around a soccer ball at recess? We wish we’d known then that the best way to take the sting out of an insult is to reclaim it, which is exactly what Paris Jackson did recently with a tweet that put a much more positive spin on what it means to be a pizzaface. Judging by the response from fans, grown-ups and teenagers alike, the 19-year-old’s words were just the thing they needed to gain some perspective.
“don't be insecure about your acne or stretch marks. you know what else has spots? pizza. and everyone loves pizza,” Jackson wrote Thursday afternoon, in a post that’s since been retweeted over 2.6 thousand times. Her followers were quick to chime in to share their stories of overcoming their own insecurities — and just to say how much they love pizza.
In some cases, others commented specifically on how Jackson’s encouraging statement was enough to make them feel better about the self-esteem struggles they were having in the moment — and the star’s replies might have been even better than her original tweet.
It just goes to show that a little confidence boosting can go a long way — and that it’s particularly inspiring for people to hear that kind of acceptance come from celebrities they respect and admire. Everyone else, take note. And now, please divert your attention to this amazing GIF a fan shared in the Twitter thread:

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