The One Concealer That Makes Dark Circles Vanish Instantly

You might be able to trick your colleagues into believing you got a full eight hours of sleep by overcompensating with a sunny disposition and a whole lot of cold brew, but there’s no amount of caffeine that can throw dark circles off your scent. (If there is, it’d probably kill you first.)
This fact leaves you with a few options: You could try going to bed earlier or, if you have trouble falling asleep, do some meditation to put you in a more relaxed state of mind. Drink some warm milk, maybe. Write down your thoughts from the day, to get everything off your chest so you can sleep soundly. Or, if you prefer to combine minimal effort and zero lifestyle changes with instant results, you can just use a really good concealer. For this, I like Bobbi Brown’s new Instant Full Cover Concealer.
With a thick, quickly-absorbing texture that doesn’t budge for anything once it’s on, this no-bullshit formula covers dark circles like spackle covers a hole in the wall. It’s so concentrated, a single swipe is all you need to “take care” of the issue (à la Tony Soprano to Big Pussy, season 2, episode 13) — no layering for more coverage, or any of that.
Beyond just correcting purplish pigments to brighten the area, this concealer does something I previously thought impossible. Because of the putty-like quality, it actually manages to fill in and soften the hollows beneath the eyes to correct the gaunt, drawn look that scares me every time I catch myself in the mirror at the end of a long day. Yet somehow, despite its intense coverage and tacky feel, this concealer blends easily (I use a Beautyblender Micro Mini, which I highly recommend), looks natural, feels weightless, and lasts over 12 hours when set with a quick tap of a powder brush.
Insomniacs, party animals, new parents of screaming children, people who work 17-hour days at the law firm or stay up all night to close the latest issue of the magazine, the jet-lagged, the under-the-weather, the recently single, the just plain exhausted: This one’s for you.
Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer, $30, available at Bobbi Brown.
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