These Eye Creams Will Make You Look Wide Awake — Instantly

The pace of society has sped up to the point that you can get groceries delivered to your door within the hour, and yet most eye creams still take weeks of consistent use before you actually start to notice an appreciable difference. Patience is a virtue, or so they say, but instant gratification is just that: gratifying.
Anyway, why shouldn’t you be able to remedy your under-eye circles in the time it takes for your Lyft to pull up to the curb? This is the future, after all. Waiting more than an hour for anything (food, a promising Bumble match to pick a place and time to meet up after weeks of back-and-forth) has become passé. Ahead, the fast-acting eye creams to reach for when you need to look more awake right now, not after two months of twice-daily application. Seriously, who has that kind of time?
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When you first unscrew the lid, you might be surprised — even a little concerned — to find that this eye cream looks a lot more like a light beige concealer than, well, an eye cream. But don't worry: The cream blends easily into all skin tones, and the peptide- and vitamin-packed formula immediately brightens and hydrates the skin around the eyes while eliminating puffiness and wrinkles over time. A little bit goes a very long way.
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Some eye creams can feel tacky, particularly under makeup, but this hydrating gel does no such thing. Aloe, spring water, and a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals depuff eyes and brighten dark circles on contact, with a practically weightless finish.
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Don’t let the long list of ingredients you probably can’t pronounce scare you off: This luxurious eye cream is an absolute powerhouse. It utilizes some of the most advanced anti-aging technology around to improve circulation, diminish fine lines, and keep the eye area perfectly moisturized.
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In the ongoing debate of whether you actually need an eye cream in the first place, this formula stands as proof positive that finding the right eye cream can be a complete game-changer. Packed with potent vitamin C, alongside vitamin E, caffeine, and ferulic acid, it works to fade dark circles for good as it hydrates and brightens. (Another plus: The pump-top packaging releases the perfect amount of product every time, so you're not left wondering what to do with another application's worth of wasted eye cream.)
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The quickest of the quick fixes, this cooling gel visibly reduces dark circles and puffiness immediately on contact, thanks in part to the unique rollerball applicator — it’s like a little massage for your eye area.
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Even the most tired eyes will get a boost from the powerful hydrating and firming effects of this cult-favorite formula. The barely-there apricot tint visually corrects dark circles on all skin tones, so you’ll notice a difference immediately as well as over time.
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"Transforming" is a strong word, but this beloved drugstore option delivers on all its claims. Dark circles are diminished, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, and puffiness subsides, so you’re left looking bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and still well within your budget.
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For when going big or going home are your only two options, this eye-treatment duo is your fastest route to the next level. The brand's founder, dermatologist Harold Lancer, MD, says that he couldn't possibly fit all the best daytime ingredients and all the best evening ingredients into the same formula — so he made two, for 24-hour defense against dullness, puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and dry, flaky skin. They're not cheap (like, not even a little), but if you're serious about your under-eye game, you won't do much better than this.
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This eye gel claims to be cooling, soothing, hydrating, and energizing — and it follows through on the promise. Puffy eyes and dark circles are no match for the refreshing hydrogen-powered formula, which absorbs quickly and leaves skin smooth, not greasy.
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The next time you start to feel that 4 p.m. weekday wave of exhaustion coming on, reach for this lightweight cooling serum, which packs a powerful anti-aging punch in convenient, easy-to-apply rollerball form.
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Both potent and incredibly gentle for even the most sensitive skin, the anti-inflammatory properties in this soothing formula relieve dryness and keep skin looking plump and youthful exactly where you need it the most.
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If you're planning on spending more time in a plane and on the beach than in your cubicle this summer, then you're going to need a lightweight eye cream that you can reapply throughout the day to de-puff and illuminate the area, whether you're at 36,000 feet or digging your toes into the sand. This one is perfect, thanks to the gel texture, which makes it easy to tap on over makeup.
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An eye cream this luxurious may not come cheap, but the price tag suddenly becomes a lot easier to understand once you witness the instantly hydrating, fine line-reducing, dark circle-brightening effects — in a surprisingly lightweight formula, at that.

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