Jared Leto Has An Abundance Of Love For Kanye West: "I Think The World Of Him"

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Jared Leto and Kanye West: they might not be two names you see coupled often, but they really ought to be. Both men are musicians at heart; more importantly, they're defiant creatives who don't appear to give a flying fuck what other people think of them. But just for the record, Leto does think very highly of friend and collaborator West, who worked on the 30 Seconds to Mars track "Hurricane" with the actor back in 2009.
During a chat with E! News about his band's upcoming album, their first in four years, Leto gushed about working with West all those years ago. "It was incredible," the 45-year-old said, recalling an impromptu live performance together. "We had a show in Spain, and I remember I called him up, and said, 'Hey, man. Do you want to come and play this show with us in Madrid?... It was the night before, and he was like, 'Yeah, why not?!' So he flew over, and he showed up. I couldn't even believe that it all happened."
When asked who his dream collaborator was, the Oscar-winner said Ye was at the top of his list. "I mean, would love to collaborate again with Kanye. He was fantastic. I just had a great time working with him. And he was really generous and really kind and I just had a great time with him." He added, "I think the world of him."
This isn't the first time the Dallas Buyers Club star has sung Yeezy's praises — he actually has a long history of cozying up with the rapper. Back in 2009, when he and Kanye first got in the studio together to work on "Hurricane" (and several other collabs that didn't pan out), Leto told Rolling Stone, "We're friends, I think there is a bit of a mutual admiration there for each other's work. I think he's a really kind person, and really creative and a fellow work fiend like myself."
More recently, in August 2016, Leto told GQ Style, "He’s a friend and has always been." The actor went on, "Kanye has always been the nicest person to me, kind and generous. I think he’s a talent, and I really appreciate his ability to speak his mind. I’m very different [from him]. I’m very careful and cautious because I don’t want to deal with the other things that come along with speaking out like that. But I do appreciate that in other people." And we bet Kanye appreciates being so appreciated.
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