Hailee Steinfeld Doesn't Know What 'Woke' Means

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
In July of 2017, there are a few things that one should know about. You should know that fidget spinners will take over the world. You should know that Game of Thrones returns on July 16. And you should know how to use the word "woke" correctly. Or at the very least, you should know the word, period. I mean, even Merriam-Webster wrote an entire blog entry back in January 2016 on the meaning, history, and social media presence of the new word because it was well on its way to being included in the actual dictionary. Taking that in to consideration, I simply refuse to believe that anyone under the age of 25 — or even 30 — does not know what the word means. Except for, apparently, Hailee Steinfeld.
The 20-year-old singer and Oscar-nominated actress has no idea what the hell it is, and has never heard of it before, as noted in an interview with Broadly. The back-and-forth exchange is pretty entertaining, and confirms for those wondering that Steinfeld is not woke. The Edge of Seventeen actress is being asked about the feminist messages she included in a music video for her song "Most Girls," which the writer felt had a political vibe, considering the whole "Nasty Woman" and "The Future is Female" commercialism stemming from the 2016 election.
Here goes:
The shirts are political. Would you identify as woke?
Would I identify as what?
Sorry, I don't know what that means.
Now, there is nothing wrong with not knowing the word "woke", but I'm a tempted to say that "most girls" have heard the word before.

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