Seth Rogen's Mom Is Having Sex & He Can't Deal

Seth Rogen is responsible for some of the raciest scripts of his generation. His filmography includes titles like Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. He literally made a movie about making a porno.
He's comfortable talking about sex — unless it involves his parents, in which case, he's a total prude.
As People reports, the actor and writer got pretty squeamish when his mother, Sandy Rogen, tweeted this gem for everyone to see.
“Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga!”
Aw. Remember when being blocked by Rob Schneider was the greatest social media indignity the Canadian comic had to face?
Mama Rogen, you see, has been with Rogen's dad, Mark, for around 40 years, and sometimes, one thing leads to another...
But try telling that to Rogen, who would clearly prefer to not hear about his parents' sex life. His reaction is pretty priceless.
Sandy responded to his disgust with the ultimate mom tweet.
"It's just an observation of life!" she fired back.
Really, there's only one thing to say when the woman who gave you life has mortified you beyond repair.
Cue slamming door and an afternoon of sulking while blasting Iron Maiden so loud the neighbors call to complain.
Rogen's older sister Danya also balked at Mom's big reveal.
"Seriously," she tweeted. "I actually gagged."
Her brother agreed that the tweet was "gnarly," while Danya added that she couldn't "get rid of the imagery."
This forced sweet, sex-positive Sandy to shut down her two ungrateful little guttersnipes once and for all.
Haters gonna hate, Sandy. You do you. Go on and have all the puffa jacket passion you want.
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