Seth Rogen Was Briefly Blocked By Rob Schneider On Twitter — & Things Got Weird

Seth Rogen logged into Twitter during the wee-small hours of the morning on Saturday for what he thought would be a typical browsing session only to learn he'd been blocked by actor Rob Schneider for no apparent reason.
Why he was checking out Schneider's page in the first place is unclear.
"What the fuck," Rogen tweeted in disbelief with a screenshot of message informing him he'd been blocked by the Deuce Bigalow star.
Instead of dropping the matter entirely, Rogen then posted a promotional photo of Schneider's show, Real Rob, which, according to People, "centers on his real life while living in Hollywood with his TV producer wife Patricia."
"Why does he seem so appalled to be sitting with his own family," Rogen then tweeted.
It didn't take long for Schneider to respond once word of Rogen's tweets got around online.
"Dear @SethRogen," he tweeted. "I'll unblock you if I can meet James Franco. You'll be back in buddy! Potentially yours again, Rob."
Nearly three hours later, the actor and father of Elle King tweeted out that Rogen had officially been unblocked and shared his support for The End.
"Dear Seth, you are officially UNBLOCKED," he tweeted. "Go celebrate 2nite with some close friends. But be on your best behavior from now on! Iloved'TheEnd.'"
So, does that mean Schneider got to meet the elder Franco brother? According to yet another tweet, it just might.
"Thanks for hooking me up with Franco," he wrote. "You're right, he is dreamy! Your pal once again, Rob."
Rogen has not yet responded to Schneider's white flag, which leads us to believe that this might not be over just yet.

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