Ryan Reynolds Helped This Teen Get Over Her Ex

If you need help moving on from your ex, Ryan Reynolds is happy to help.
As People reports, Canadian teen Gabi Dunn called on the Deadpool actor (and fellow Canuck) when she decided to 86 her ex-boyfriend from their prom photos. All she needed was a photo of Blake Lively's main squeeze and some Photoshop software.
"My boyfriend and I broke up a few days after prom, so I decided to 'edit' the photos a little," the 18-year-old captioned her new and improved photos, which show her posing next to a familiar face.
She tagged Reynolds in the tweet, and it wasn't long before he chimed in with his approval.
"We should Photoshop me over his yearbook picture next," the father of two responded in a tweet, adding the hashtag #DontMessWithGabi.
Something tells us Dunn will be just fine. Her pinned tweet is the picture of self-confidence and resilience: "I have found happiness in myself because I don't feel the need to find it in a man." Yes, girl.
Incidentally, Dunn isn't the first teen to get creative with the prom pics. One commenter noted that she made a similar move with Channing Tatum and Zac Efron back in 2015. Behold this Oscars-inspired shoot.
Want to go old-school? This woman made Joe Jonas her prom date in 2008.
And you can almost picture Gerard Butler leaning in to tell his date that they need to get back to the dance floor because Ed Sheeran is playing.
Geniuses, all of you. Honestly, we can't wait to see your wedding photos with Harry Styles.
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