Ryan Reynolds Gives Fans A Look At Deadpool 2

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Leave it to Deadpool himself to give tried-and-true fans a look at Deadpool 2.
Ryan Reynolds posted a photo to his Twitter and Instagram accounts that shows him in full Deadpool regalia in front of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters (aka the X-Mansion, the X-Men's home base). After the shots he took at the lack of actual X-Men on the property during the first movie, it's not surprising that he had a few quips to add to the photo.
"Dropped by the X-Mansion," Reynolds wrote on Twitter. "Big fucking surprise. No one's home." Anyone who saw the first movie will remember 'Pool making a similar observation when the only mutants in attendance were Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who were less than enthused to join him on his (mis)adventure.

Dropped by X-Mansion. Looked closely for Beast's lawn bombs before taking well deserved nap.

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While Reynolds posted the same photo to Instagram, his choice of caption did offer fans another chuckle. "Dropped by X-Mansion. Looked closely for Beast's lawn bombs before taking well deserved nap," he wrote.
It looks like that opens up the possibility of a few more recognizable mutants to make an appearance in the Deadpool sequel. Given that Mashable reports the film as Marvel's eighth-most successful outing, it wouldn't be a stretch to assume that a few high-profile cameos are in order. And with news that the whole X-Men crew (Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, and Nicholas Hoult) are confirmed for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, theater-goers could see major star power in addition to Reynolds himself.
This is the very first peek at the movie since the Deadpool 2 preview that accompanied Logan way back in March. If the film is anything like the irreverent clip — which showed a lot of Reynolds' body of work — fans can expect more of the same jokes, blood, and gore from the OG Deadpool.
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