Ryan Reynolds Shared A Deadpool 2 Teaser & It Is Full Of Blood & Nudity

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Everyone who went to check out Logan on opening night got a special surprise. Marvel decided to give the audience a very special treat and offered up a sneak peek at Deadpool 2. We wouldn't call it a trailer, per se, but fans of the R-rated superhero are sure to find plenty to love in the clip, even though it doesn't reveal much of anything about the next installment of the Deadpool franchise.
Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, was generous enough to share the clip on Twitter for anyone who didn't want to check out Wolverine's swan song or brave the crowds. Plus, Reynolds took an opportunity to troll his wife, Blake Lively, in the description of the video: "Wade and the other girls from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants plan a trip to Cabot Cove," it reads. We see what you did, Ryan.
In the clip, titled "No Good Deed," we see Deadpool, er, Wade Wilson, since he's not in his (anti)hero super suit, heading to a showing of Logan. Meta! Before he can check out the movie, however, he witnesses a mugging.
Before he can stop the criminal in question, Deadpool does what every superhero would do — he has to change out of his civvies and into his trademark red-and-black Spandex. He hops into a phone booth and disrobes to the tune that's eerily reminiscent of John William's score for Superman. Oh, and while he's changing, we get a pretty long shot of Deadpool's derrière. Trust us, it's more than enough to get the point across.
Naturally, slipping into a head-to-toe superhero getup isn't a quick change, so we hear the struggle between Lee and his mugger while 'Pool struggles with his outfit. When he is finally dressed and ready to go, it's just a little too late. Eagle-eyed Marvel fans will instantly recognize Stan Lee as a passerby who says, "Hey, nice suit!" Too bad the guy's dead and the mugger got away. All that's left to do is make some wisecracks.
"I should have just called 911," Deadpool says before asking himself what a phone booth was even doing on a street corner. It's 2017, after all.
"You probably wouldn't be dead if it was Logan," Deadpool continues. "What does he have to change into? The guy wears a fucking tank top and a pair of jeans." Yep, even this teaser is R-rated.
According to the clip, Deadpool 2 comes out "not soon enough," but Variety confirms that the flick will hit theaters March 2, 2018.
Check out the teaser below.

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