Only Bella Hadid Could Make Headgear Look This Fashionable

Bella Hadid started walking in major fashion shows at just 17-years-old, long before most of us mastered the art of walking in plain ol' high heels. Thanks to her success on the runways, she’s rocked every look under the sun, from the iconic (thick black cat-eyes on the runway at Dior, for example) to the ultra controversial (dreads for Marc Jacobs, for one). No matter the look, she's she’s been there, done that — or so it had seemed. But this time, Hadid is bringing back an orthodontic accessory we never thought we would see on the runway: headgear.
Photo: Dominique Charriau/WireImage.
Hadid showed off the headgear for Maison Margiela this Wednesday during Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. Unlike Hadid’s past high fashion beauty looks, this one delivers a futuristic metal vibe — with a hit of middle school memory to boot.
Of course, when you take a closer look, Hadid’s headgear is actually intricate silver face jewelry. And instead of attaching to her teeth, the jewelry wraps around her jawline and up the middle of her mouth. Along with the face jewelry, Hadid’s look for the show featured gold, painted-on roots, bright red lips, and a dewy complexion.
If you're like us, you've been repressing your distant memories of headgear until this very moment. And if you wore headgear — or even if you just had braces — you’ll understand the painful memories (literally and figuratively). There was nothing worse than trying to pry a piece of sticky food out of your wires or brackets after accidentally eating something your ortho specifically advised against.
But now, we might have to rethink our tortured headgear memories, because if Bella Hadid says they’re cool, maybe they are? After all, jean skirts and scrunchies are back in style, so why not add headgear face jewelry to the mix?

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