31 Perfect Looks To Copy This July

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We know, we know: You're probably not thinking about what you're going to wear the rest of the month right this minute, because odds are you'll be in a bathing suit all weekend long. But, once post-July 4th weekend hits, you will have to get fully-dressed — and in 80 to 90 degree heat, no less. The funny part about needing to figure out said outfits in said weather, though, beyond the fact that it's hot and sticky and really, really humid, is that most warm-weather clothing items are actually quite divisive. Capris, shorts, wearing a bathing suit as a top. It takes a fashion risk-taker to really go all-in.
If you don't feel like you've hit your peak summer style potential just yet, allow the 31 outfits ahead (one for each day of the month) to provide enough inspiration for all of July. There's daywear, evening wear, office-appropriate combinations, and pieces that are pretty much meant for partying. Time to get creative (and stay cool in the process).
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That whole bathing suit as a bodysuit thing? Works every time.
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And, if you're really ready to go for it, try a bikini top as a bandeau with a pair of high-waisted pants.
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Or, pair it with a wrap skirt on those extra-sweaty days.
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For a more forgiving version of the Canadian tuxedo (we all know denim doesn't exactly bode well in the heat), try a looser, oversized button-up and some lightweight, cropped jeans.
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Keep that red, white, and blue going all month long.
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Summer nights out call for low-maintenance outfits that look (and feel) cool. Pair your go-to skinny jeans with a silky top (try a fun pattern and a non-tank top silhouette) and kitten heels for something that looks like it took a whole lot of effort (even if it didn't).
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We're still not over the allure (and ease) of a matching set. This navy-based floral option is breezy and bright, and works for those oddly cooler July days.
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Ditto goes for this camel version.
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Oh hello, sunglasses of the summer. We're only halfway through the season, which means there's still time to grab a colored-lens pair for yourself.
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Are those...capris? And do they...look cool? This all-white outfit may just have us sold on the knee-high (knee-low?) pant. Now, where's the yacht?
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Give us a slip dress on a 100 degree day, and we're good to go. (And if you're not into the whole underwear-as-outerwear feel, opt for a colorblocked or printed version).
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If a slip feels too revealing, simply layer it over a T-shirt. Problem solved.
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Plain and simple: Polka dots are back! Go full-on with a spotted dress, or, try something more subtle, like a patterned top with a midi skirt.
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Wear a silk robe top open during the day with a tank or bodysuit underneath; wrap it at the waist and add some heels for night.
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In fall, your go-to is a leather jacket. In summer, let it be a leather mini skirt.
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Striped shirts are a closet staple. Rather than pairing it with jeans or khaki shorts, try styling it with a midi skirt and some hoops.
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*Cue dancer emoji*
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Here's the shirt everyone's wearing this summer. Bonus: This one comes with matching bottoms, too.
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Trade in your track pants for a track-style maxi skirt. Here, side slits add extra ventilation. Win.
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Forget a belt. Cinch your go-to summer dress at the waist with a fanny pack.
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Khaki is a divisive color. If you've been afraid to wear it in the past, try it out this summer in a pair of high-waisted pants (feel free to skip the chinos).
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Balance out a flirty, feminine-feeling dress with a dad hat.
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Colorblocking to the nth degree. Don't be afraid to just go for it.
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It's after Memorial Day: Wear white! (And even if it wasn't, you should still wear white anyway).
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Breathe new life into your off-the-shoulder tops by layering them over a shirt of a different silhouette. A turtleneck may be hot for New York heat, but a graphic tee would look just as good.
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Denim dresses will make you want to ditch your shorts forever. Seriously.
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Have a jam-packed events schedule this summer? A simple floral dress works every. single. time.
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The adult answer to wearing shorts: a high-waisted, loose-fitting pair.
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Because everyone needs a little splash of gingham in their lives.
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Show some skin with a one-shoulder top. It works for day, night, and whatever else life may bring.
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So many consider a beret to be a fall/winter accessory, but just look how cute this is with an off-the-shoulder top and printed skirt.

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