A Fan Just Laid The Smackdown On The Rock

Photo: Barry King/WireImage.
It's been a hot second since Dwayne Johnson slipped into his Brahma-bull emblazoned Speedo and called himself the People's Champion in the hyper-masculine world of pro wrestling, but it seems that some habits never die.
HuffPost reports that, during a Twitter exchange with a fan, Johnson declared the thinking emoji as "non masculine." That's problematic enough — though emoji are moving to be more inclusive on all fronts — but after that same fan pointed out that the thinking emoji has more than just a passing resemblance to one of Johnson's signature looks from back in the day, the star took it all in good spirits.
Twitter user @ollyog pointed out that Johnson's latest film, a reboot of the '90s classic Jumanji, is eerily similar to another project, 2003's The Rundown, which is an example of peak '00s, since it stars the Rock, Rosario Dawson, and Seann William Scott. To drive it home, HuffPost even points out that the original title of The Rundown was Welcome To The Jungle. Jungles, Jumanji, apples, oranges. @ollyog punctuated his tweet with the thinking emoji, showing a bit of reflection at the similarities.
"Haha buddy, juuuuust see the movie first then make the comparison," Johnson tweeted back at @ollyog. "And for fucks sakes stop using the non masculine [thinking] emoji."
While calling that particular emoji non-masculine is strange in itself — what's gendered about contemplation or thinking? — @ollyog basically clapped back with the best comparison ever. Anyone familiar with Johnson's persona at the Rock probably already saw the resemblance, but the WWE superstar's trademark People's Eyebrow, which was often accompanied by a hand at the chin, is the emoji incarnate.
"Is this better for you?" @ollyog posted, adding an over-the-top photo of the Rock brandishing the gesture in a shiny leisure shirt.
Johnson couldn't help but bow down to the masterful Google image search, responding with, "Hahah you MF! I'm on set now and this shit got a big belly laugh outta me. Thx. Perfect."
Looks like the emoji situation has been put to rest, because when someone lays the smackdown on emoji judgment with a gem like this, there's nothing more to be said. Anyone who says otherwise is a jabroni.
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