Hold Up: 56 New Emoji Are Coming

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Anyone unsatisfied with the currently available 1,851 emoji is about to get a slew of new options. USA Today reports that the Unicode Consortium will be adding 56 new tiny images to the next Unicode update, which could come as soon as July.
The Unicode Consortium gave emoji die-hards a preview of some of the new selections back in the spring, but the latest announcement has the complete roster, which includes a few very necessary additions and a few that probably won't make it to most users' frequently used menu. Among some of the best additions in Unicode version 10.0 include a breastfeeding woman, something users have been wanting for a while, alongside a bearded male emoji, and a female emoji wearing a hijab.
For those more apt to use the yellow smileys, there's a cursing face, a Pretty Little Liars-approved shushing emoji, and a vomiting option, too.
Foodie emoji users also have reason to celebrate. The emoji menu is expanding with a few new Asian food options, including what appears to be a xiaolongbao, aka soup dumpling, as well as a take-out box and chopsticks. This follows the addition of bacon and the croissant back in Unicode 9.0., making for a truly international array of eats.
And while we appreciate the effort, we're not quite sure how many people will use the new merman emoji or a yellow face sporting a monocle. While those seem pretty charming, it's not often that British P.I.s and specific Zoolander references come up in conversation. New animals, dinosaurs, wizards, zombies, and fairies are also included.
The final Unicode 10.0 release, which is an edited version of the consortium's proposal announced in March, doesn't just expand the emoji library. For anyone using special keyboards and obscure characters, there are 8,518 characters being added to the system, too.
Teen Vogue notes that the new emoji probably won't get integrated into Apple's iOS and other operating systems until later this year, however. That could mean anything from July to December, but fortunately, there's a fingers-crossed emoji that we can all use while we wait for these new emoji to drop.
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