FYI, Now Is A VERY Good Time To Visit Canada

Photo: Getty Images.
Remember how everyone was all, "If Trump wins, I'm moving to Canada"?
How's that going? (Okay, sorry.)
Yes, permanently relocating north of the border is not exactly easy. But if you want to explore everything Canada has to offer — Banff National Park, poutine, Justin Trudeau's sock collection — now's the time to visit.
That's because Delta Air Lines is having the mother of all sales in honor of Canada's 150th anniversary, with flights to Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and eight other cities starting at $109 one-way.
Travel + Leisure reports that you'll be able to find these discounted tickets between June 27 and July 31, and that they're valid for travel dates between September 5 and December 20.
"By putting our 11 great Canadian destinations on sale, we hope that Canadians and Americans alike will take advantage," Steve Larkin, Delta's director of sales in Canada, said in a statement.
As a bonus, all of Canada's national parks will offer free admission to fete the nation's birthday, reports T + L.
Justin Trudeau sure looks happy about that on the July cover of Delta's in-flight Sky Magazine.

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